The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet The Team

rt team

Our team are not all on this photo but our department relies heavily on having a close knit multidisciplinary team. This includes Interventional Radiologists, Specialist Interventional Nurses and Radiographers, Clinical Support Workers and Radiographic Assistants but can also include other surgical colleagues, anaesthetists and ODP’s where cases require extra support.

As part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust we often have students in the theatres and doctors in training being supervised by a Consultant. Learning in a real medical environment is essential to producing conscientious medical professionals; however, if you do not want a student in the room please feel free to tell a member of staff before we start your procedure.

Clinical Lead
 Empty Small
 David Shaw
Vascular Radiology Consultants
Christopher Hammond Small   Costa Tingerides Small   Jai Patel Small
Christopher Hammond   Costa Tingerides   Jai Patel
James Lenton Small2

Karen Flood Small

  Paul Turner Small
James Lenton   Karen Flood   Paul Turner
Paul Walker Small
  Empty Small3
  Empty Small4
Paul Walker        
Sapna Puppala Small   Simon McPherson Small   Empty Small5
Sapna Puppala   Simon McPherson    
Tony Goddard Small   Tufail Pantakar Small   Empty Small6
Tony Goddard   Tufail Pantakar    
Non-vascular Radiology Consultants
Empty Small7
  Mike Weston Small
  Ollie Hulson Small
Ese Adiotomre   Mike Weston   Oliver Hulson
Simon Burbridge Small
  Tze Wah Small
  Empty Small11
Simon Burbidge   Tze Wah    
Paediatric Radiologists
Imran Kasli Small
  Nasim Tahir Small
  Empty Small12
Imran Kasli   Nasim Tahir    
Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons
Max Troxler Small
  Rosie Darwood Small
  Empty Small13
Max Troxler   Rosie Darwood   Yiewfah Fong