The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Radiation Awareness

In the Radiology Theatres we use radiation (X-Rays) to be able to see inside your body. It allows us to see the X-Ray dye used in the procedures performed in the theatres. It is this technology that allows us to perform such minimally invasive procedures, rather than surgery.

Background radiation is all around us. It can be found naturally in soil, rocks and water and even certain foods, such as bananas and nuts. Some patients worry about the use of radiation but our Consultant Radiologists and our Radiographers are all trained to help keep the radiation dose as low as reasonably possible. This means that the Doctor will weigh up the risk of the procedure versus the benefit before they decide to offer you your procedure. The radiation dose you receive is also monitored throughout the case and documented afterwards.

Radiation can be more harmful to unborn babies than adults so PLEASE tell a member of the team if there is a chance you could be pregnant. If you are a female aged between 12-55 a member of staff will ask about your last period and ask you to sign a piece of paper to say that you are not pregnant.