The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Rehabilitation Medicine

Meet the Team

Clinical Director - Dr Stuart Murdoch
General Manager - Mike Harvey
Head of Nursing - Kath Oddy
Business Manager - Victoria McFarlane, Linda Hayward
Matron - Deborah Hall


The Neurological Rehabilitation service for Leeds, is a nationally and internationally highly regarded National Demonstration Centre in Rehabilitation.

The Demonstration Centre works closely with the Academic Unit, and the Rehabilitation Division of the Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Research Unit.

The approach of both service and research has the aim of promoting the best practice to enable people with disabilities to live optimally. Particular services are oriented to those of working age (16 -65), and to ensure that transitions for disabled people (particularly from childhood to adulthood) are properly supported.

Where diseases are common (in the age group 16 - 65 years) a hub and spoke arrangement of services is used within Leeds (e.g. multiple sclerosis, and to some extent stroke and head injury). Where disease is less common or less well provided for, the hub and spoke arrangement of services may be region wide (e.g. child congenital limb deficiencies, rarer neurological disabilities, younger strokes of severity, early traumatic brain injury management).