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Occupational Therapy

All service users, carers and visitors to Specialist Rehabilitation Services are to wear a face covering unless they are exempt in accordance with the government guidelines.

Prosthetics Occupational therapy can accommodate patients of all ages ranging from newborn babies through to adulthood and older age. We are able to advise patients prior to elective amputation. We also offer advice to prospective parents whose baby has had a congenital limb absence identified on a scan. We aim to support patients and their families throughout their lives.

There are weekly upper limb clinics with both the Occupational Therapist and an Upper Limb Prosthestist. We can see patients with upper limb amputations at any point in the process of becoming a limb user and we receive referrals direct from ward based Occupational Therapists at Leeds General Infirmary (surgical team),as well as referrals from the Physiotherapists and Prosthetists from our own team.

We are able to offer a complete range of prostheses including cosmetic, body powered and myo-electric and third generation. Each new patient is given a full assessment to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from their prosthesis. The assessment includes advice on strategies and assistive devices for daily living tasks ie bathing, preparing food, dressing, children's play activities and educational needs such as writing.

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