The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Next Generation Sequencing

High-sensitivity Gene Panels

Providing very high sensitivity, for established gene panels, incorporating dosage analysis, and retaining some flexibility for extension analysis to further genes.

These NGS services utilise gene panel reagents customised by Yorkshire and North East Genomic Laboratory Hub, Central Lab using SureSelect Target Enrichment (Agilent Technologies). The reagents target only genes of the highest clinical interest, so high read depth is obtained. This approach enables:

    • very high sensitivity assays
    • integral dosage analysis

For patients where no pathogenic mutation(s) is found, we can provide reanalysis of data for additional genes not initially requested, providing they are included in the reagent.

Analysis is provided using either the Cancer panel reagent, or Selected Gene (SelGen) reagent. For details of SelGen services, please follow the Tests - By Disorder page.

Clinical Exome - Based Gene Panels

See separate page here