The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

About us

Leeds Major Trauma Centre (MTC) opened on 2nd April 2013 with a significant multi-million pound investment to expand and improve major trauma services that were already renowned but needed to expand to cope with an expected doubling of major trauma patients from around West Yorkshire. Around 79 per cent of people living in Yorkshire and Humberside can access the Leeds MTC within 45 minute road journey and the catchment area when traveling by air ambulance significantly increases.

Any person who has suffered major trauma within West Yorkshire for adults and Yorkshire and Humberside for children are taken to the right hospital at the right time to receive the specialist treatment that they need in order to survive, recover and return to normal life free from or with minimal disability.

Major trauma patients will be assessed immediately and taken directly to the Level 1 Major Trauma Centre if they arrive first at a trauma unit there will be no delay in transferring them to receive the specialist care they require. The impact of this improved coordination means quicker diagnosis and specialist treatment for patients resulting in a better chance of avoiding death or long-term disability. As soon as it is clinically appropriate to do so patients will be transferred back to their local hospital for follow up care and to begin their rehabilitation.

Our rooftop helicopter pad can receive direct transfer of multiple-injured patients into a 6 bay resuscitation room. This has the capacity to expand by a further 4 cubicles taking the total to 10 bays available during a major incident, covering all specialties and quick access to specialist cross sectional imaging including a hybrid endovascular suite which is co-located with A&E. 

We have worked hard to bring a logical alignment to patient services within well equipped, modern facilities which will see services dedicated to helping critically ill patients all located together in the Jubilee Wing. These services include the Emergency Department, Major Trauma ward, Intensive Therapy Unit, Theatres and Anaesthetics, Radiology, Vascular, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Spinal, Maxillofacial, Cardiothoracic, and Neurological surgery. This is a multi-specialty hospital, on a single site, optimised for the provision of trauma care. We are the first major multisite hospital in the UK to have adopted this under-one-roof approach to patient care. It is the focus of the West Yorkshire Trauma Network and manages all types of injuries, providing consultant-level care working in partnership with organisations such as the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Airedale, Bradford, Mid Yorkshire, Harrogate and half of York. By working together as a whole system, with clear access and return agreements we are able to manage major trauma in a far more effective way for both adults in West Yorkshire and children across all of Yorkshire and Humberside.

In conjunction with optimising the definitive care of multiple injured patients we have also developed an active, effective trauma Quality Improvement programme and support the improvement programmes of the other hospitals within our Network.