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Liz Wharmby



Liz Wharmby

Job title


Lead Physiotherapist for Major Trauma and Plastics

How long have you worked in this role/in major trauma?


In total - 10 years. In this role - 3 years


IMG 8530What are the main responsibilities in your role?

I am the team leader for the physiotherapy team that covers the major trauma ward, plastics ward and the high observation unit. We strive to provide high quality, effective and timely physiotherapy assessment and treatment throughout the patient’s major trauma journey, from admission through to discharge.

As well as the responsibility of being the clinical lead, my role includes developing the team with training, supervision and support to allow patients to receive effective rehabilitation to achieve their goals.


What’s the best thing about your job?

One of the most rewarding things about my job is helping patients go from being completely dependent and reliant on others to becoming independent and achieving their goals and being able to do what is meaningful for them. Seeing patients smile and cry happy tears when they achieve something they could never imagine achieving in these acute stages of their journey is such a rewarding feeling.

This could not be done without the incredible working relationship we have with the multidisciplinary team (MDT). We have worked really hard to create a true MDT ethos and this is something I am incredibly proud of. Working closely within the therapy team and the wider MDT team providing cohesive and holistic care is fantastic. 


What is the most important aspect of delivering excellent patient care?

I think the most important aspect is the MDT approach we take to treating our major trauma patients. Communication between all of the members of the MDT is so important and, although there are challenges, we work hard to make the communication channels as effective as possible. All members of the MDT feel valued and this is essential.


Tell us something people are surprised to find out about you.

This year I’ve taken up open water swimming and managed to make it through the winter swimming without a wetsuit when the temperature outside has been as low as -4 degrees! It’s an incredible experience!