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Nik Kanakaris


Nik Kanakaris

Job title

Orthopaedics Consultant and Clinical Lead of the Leeds Major Trauma Centre

How long have you worked in this role/in major trauma?


I was involved in the initial phases of planning and designing the Leeds MTC in late 2009.

image00001What are the main responsibilities in your role?

I am on call for one week in every five in the Major Trauma Centre (MTC) rota. I am a member of the Pelvic/Acetabular and Complex Limb reconstruction teams and in charge of Pelvic/Acetabular reconstruction tertiary referral pathway.

I'm also responsible for MTC services post-patient admission, and the development of MTC protocols locally and regionally.

I chair a number of groups and regular meetings, including the triumvirate team of the Major Trauma Service, weekly Clinical Governance meetings, and the LTHT major incident steering group.

I also take a lead for Research and Innovation for Major Trauma, supervise the MTC intercollegiate fellowship programme in Leeds, and represent the Leeds MTC to the regional and national network.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Being successful in solving complex problems on short notice as a member of a highly skilled and dedicated team.

Also, the positive energy, respect, and feedback I receive from trying to be helpful to patients and colleagues. 

What is the most important aspect of delivering excellent patient care?

Continuous training + teamwork + motivated leadership + effective use of time.

Tell us something people are surprised to find out about you.

I am still dreaming of being a fighter pilot (must have watched the top gun film >100 times). I used to despise Orthopaedics when I was in med school.