The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Sam Monkman



Samantha Monkman

Job title


Ward Manager

How long have you worked in this role/in major trauma?


8 Years


image00014What are the main responsibilities in your role?

The running and maintenance of the ward is my main responsibility – in the whirlwind that is working in healthcare, as the ward manager you are the constant … however I am very lucky as the ward manager of Ward L10 that I have an excellent team of staff and a team that I am very proud of.

I'm also responsible for supporting staffing – encouraging the development and progression of members of my team – I get to be involved in planning and have input into some excellent projects like study days and time out days to benefit and refresh our staff. To complement this I also co-ordinate recruitment and bringing in new starters to develop our team.

I co-ordinate patient flow and bed availability on the ward and ensure the safety of our patients – we are all there for our patients, it’s the number one goal for all health care professionals.

And finally, taking feedback, sharing it, and making sure we use it to better our services – feedback comes from all over and from everyone.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Getting to work alongside some fantastic people who all come together to care for any patient that needs us.

Supporting a patient from admission to discharge and knowing that we have made a positive difference to someone’s life.

What is the most important aspect of delivering excellent patient care?

To remember that everyone’s trauma is different and the care we provide is tailored around that patient.