The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient feedback

From Urology services:

 “I was recently reviewed in the outpatient Paul Sykes clinic. The nursing staff, although clearly under pressure, kept myself and my fellow patients informed of delays and had a constant smile on their face."

"My consultant took time to make sure they understood what I wanted and offered a holistic approach to managing my symptoms." - Patient Experience

"I travelled over an hour and a half because the nurse who referred me said this was a better unit than the one closer to me - I'm very glad I did." - Patient Experience

“Thank you for making this experience easier to handle. I have been very impressed with everyone who has helped me today.” - Flexible Cystoscopy 

“I would recommend the department, and the procedure was not as bad as I thought.” Flexible Cystoscopy

“I have been impressed by the professional and friendly atmosphere which prevails, outstanding service” - Andrology Clinic

“The lady was good at putting me at ease and extremely helpful, both Nurses went above and beyond for me" - Andrology Clinic

"To Thereza, I would like to thank you for all your help. We really appreciate the empathy you have shown and you really have gone the extra mile for us. Thank you so much." - Patient card

"Dear Thereza (and staff), I expect the Trust to get a few brickbats thrown at it so I would just like to try to help adjust the balance and day how impressed I am at the speed and efficiency with which this issue has been resolved. 

I have been processed through the department of Urology pre-assessment system a number of times and have always found it to be professional and efficient. As a long term patient one learns to expect that hospital visits may include substantial waiting periods on occasion. To date this has not been the case with the pre-assessment service where I have always been seen within a few minutes of the appointment time and attended to by knowledgeable, helpful, cheerful staff.

Thank you again and keep up the good work!" - Patient Experience

 Well done to Helen O'Reilly, Urology Admissions Coordinator, who received a lovely thank you card from a patient and his wife. Helen went out of her way to organise the patient’s procedure to take place in enough time so that he could go on a special holiday with his family. I think that this really shows that whatever your role in the Trust we all play a part in providing patient-centred care - another great example of The Leeds Way. - Julian Hartley, Chief Executive

Dear Mr Harris, 

Thank you for agreeing to fit my test sacral modulation unit yesterday. I thought you would be very pleased to know that the results so far are very positive. Its amazing what a difference its making. I am so pleased that you agreed to try it and that I got over any doubts about it. My bladder function is back to how it use to be, capacity vastly improved and I can postpone the urge. After all those years of trying different approaches without success . It's wonderful. All the staff were brilliant yesterday and I was very well looked after. I was very impressed how easy and well the procedure went, even under local anaesthetic, I didn't feel very much at all.  See you in clinic soon. Thank you very much - Patient Experience

I am just writing to advise you that Dr Biyani at the Paul Sykes Centre has removed my kidney Stones and I would like to say how please I have been with the treatment and the care I had received at the hospital. I suffer from heart failure and there was some doubt as to whether I was able to go under general anaesthetic. I would also like to thank the anaesthetist for his work and for Dr Biyani's professional knowledge and informative advise. The nurses were also very caring and helpful on the ward and I have felt so much better and my incontinence has also stopped. Once again please thank all the staff who work in this department of the hospital. 

- Patient Experience

I have recently been a patient at Paul Sykes Centre for two years - primarily for investigation of raised PSA and latterly for urinary retention, problems which have now been rectified and I have been discharged from care of the fantastic Urology team. My wife and I would like to express our thanks for the professional treatment I have received at every level of investigation, particularly at the Paul Sykes Centre. Our association with Consultants, nurse-led clinics, admin staff has been superb - the patient consistently being placed at the centre of the process. Initially I was under care of Mr Cross, which was a real privilege. What a great person he is. It says something when a professional of his calibre and standing takes the time to ring me at home to reassure and explain my treatment and prognosis. Our shared interest in cycling enhanced my visits considerably! A real people person with a common touch. Thank you Sir!

Throughout, all staff, from the Urology nurse Anna and the Surgical Assessment Unit, have approached what can be a difficult and sensitive medical issue for men, with humour and matter-of-fact attitude which builds confidence and eliminates embarrassment for the patient. All too often the NHS is criticised and not praised for what it does well - and it is for this reason that I wanted to write to you and express my gratitude for a job well done. The NHS is in safe hands in Urology!  Thank you  

- Patient Experience

Please will you accept my humble thanks for the excellent care I received St James Urology clinic, at LGI for a CT scan and then at St James University Hospital for surgery, in recovery and on Ward 43. I would like to say thank you to all the people involved in my care. I cannot find words enough to express my gratitude for the quick and efficient way my case was dealt with, or my respect for their skill and dedication. The endless patience, genuine concern, understanding and support shown to me throughout, by everyone I met, brought me through a very frightening, painful and difficult time. Each little act of kindness and every friendly smile helped me to recover. I am confident that they have saved my life. Thank you seems an inadequate response, those people deserve more than that, but what more can I say.

- Patient Experience