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Flexible cystoscopy

A Flexible Cystoscopy is a procedure that allows a Doctor or Nurse Cystsocopist to look inside the bladder using a thin fibre optic tube (cystoscope) that has a light and a tiny video camera at one end. This allows the specialist to see an image of the inside of your bladder on a screen. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure so you will be able to go home on the same day.

Flexible Cystoscopy can be performed by both Doctors and specially trained Nurses (Nurse Cystoscopists).The Flexible Cystoscopy service is run by a nurse led team and we aim to provide high quality, safe care. We provide a caring and supportive environment whilst undergoing Flexible Cystoscopy which maintains patient’s dignity at all times.

The team recognize people are individuals and have designed the service around previous patient feedback. Comments about your service experiences are appreciated. You can do this by contacting 0113 2066094.

As a new and developing service currently the nursing team deliver the Haematuria clinic and bladder cancer surveillance Cystoscopy clinic. There are also a number of Cystoscopy clinics which are provided by the Urological Consultants and Registrars. 

How to find us

The Flexible Cystoscopy service is provided in David Beevers Day Unit at St James Hospital.

Staff you are likely to meet

The service is run by two highly skilled Nurse specialists -

Rachel Baker-Green & Zoe Gardham.

Useful links

Click here to download the Flexible Cystoscopy leaflet.

Click here to download the Haematuria leaflet.