The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

A place that’s right for you

If you’re five, you want to play. But if you’re 15, or even about to transition to adult services at the age of 18, your needs are completely different. You may want to keep in touch with friends, be alone, study or connect to the outside world.

There will be plenty of spaces to cater for everyone’s needs in the new Children’s Hospital, from fantastic, new play and entertainment areas to places designed only for young people.

For example, The Place2be@LTHT was designed with the help of the Trust’s Youth Forum, a group of young people who are or have been patients at our current Leeds Children’s Hospital. With sofas, a media wall and WiFi, it’s a great social hub for young people.

We’ll be working with the Youth Forum to make a space like this in the new build.

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Throughout the hospital, the space will be flexible. That means that in certain areas we will be able to add or remove walls to change the space so it’s easy to update our facilities, technology and equipment as our patients’ needs change or grow.