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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has been granted Outline Planning Permission by Leeds City Council to build a new pathology laboratory in the grounds of St James’s University Hospital (St James’s).  Preparation work begins soon and the building is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2023.


Some enabling works have already begun on site – including asbestos removal - in preparation for demolition which we expect to start sometime in November after a demolition contractor has been appointed.
Demolition will continue into the Spring of 2021.  We have already done a level of engagement with staff and the public about our plans for the new pathology laboratory and there will be further engagement as our more detailed plans and a timetable for the work becomes clearer.

This facility is also part of the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT) Pathology network and will provide improvements to create a more efficient, standardised service across the region.  

The new pathology lab is due to be completed in the Spring of 2023. 

What is Pathology?

Pathology testing helps doctors to diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Pathology is the study of samples from a person’s body – for example, blood or skin samples – to find out what is causing their illness and how serious it is. The results help doctors to plan the best treatment and care.

Pathology covers all areas of medicine, from testing for cancer to preventing the spread of infection. It also plays a key role in research, for example by studying the effects of new drugs or finding new treatments for disease.


Why is Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust building a new Pathology laboratory?

At the moment, most of the Trust’s Pathology testing takes place at Leeds General Infirmary, in the Old Medical School. This building is more than 100 years old and isn’t suitable for health services patients expect today. There are also some pathology services at St James’s, but these are also in old facilities.

There is space at St James’s to build a brand-new Pathology laboratory. Here, the Trust will bring together many of its Pathology services in a modern building that has been specially designed to use the most advanced equipment and technology.

The new Pathology laboratory will be part of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Pathology network. This will offer fast, accurate testing services to hospitals in the region.

It will also provide specialist testing to help meet the growing need in our region for more specialist health services like heart or neurosurgery.

Where will the new laboratory be built at St James’s?

The site for the new Pathology laboratory is below:

Pathology St Jamess location







I am a resident in the local area. How will it affect me?

During building work

Construction work is likely to take around 18 months. Some demolition work will happen before this. During the works, vehicles will arrive on-site and there may be some noise during the day for limited periods. We will try to limit this as much as possible.

Transport and parking

The laboratory will be near an existing car park at the St James's site, so parking arrangements for staff will be the same as for others who work at the hospital.

As part of the Outline Planning process, we have prepared a transport statement to assess the impact on the local network. We are also looking at a range of options to promote alternative ways of travelling to the site, helping us to meet Leeds City Council strategies on the environent and reducing car travel.

When will building work start and finish?

Outline planning permission was granted in August 2020 and preparation work on the new pathology laboratory will begin soon with the design work the next step in the process.  We will begin demolishing the old buildings on the St James's Hospital site sometime later this year (2020) with the new facility scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2023.

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