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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is planning to build a new Pathology laboratory in the grounds of St James’s University Hospital to improve healthcare services across hospitals in Leeds and the wider region.

The Trust intends to submit an Outline Planning Application to Leeds City Council in December 2019.

What is Pathology?
Pathology testing helps doctors to diagnose, treat and prevent disease. Pathology is the study of samples from a person’s body - for example, blood or skin samples - to find out what is causing their illness and how serious it is. The results help doctors to plan the best treatment and care. Pathology covers all areas of medicine, from testing for cancer to preventing the spread of infection. It also plays a key role in research, for example by studying the effects of new drugs or finding new treatments for disease.

Why is the Trust building a new Pathology laboratory?
At the moment, there are some pathology services at St James’s hospital but much of the Trust’s Pathology service is based at Leeds General Infirmary in the Old Medical School. This building is more than 100 years old and is no longer suitable for modern healthcare. Some of our specialist testing at St James’s is carried out in old facilities.
The brand-new Pathology laboratory at St James’s will be designed and built to use the most advanced equipment and technology.
This will offer fast, accurate Pathology testing to hospitals in Leeds, West Yorkshire and Harrogate. It will also provide specialist testing, to help meet the growing need in our region for more specialist health services like heart or neurosurgery.

Where will the new laboratory be built at St James’s?
The new Pathology facility is an opportunity to redevelop space at St James’s that is not being used efficiently, including empty buildings. 

When will building work start and finish?
If our Outline Planning Application is successful, we aim to begin building work in Summer 2021 and finish in Spring 2023.

I am a resident in the local area. How will it affect me?
The new laboratory will be a modern building within the grounds of St James’s that will replace some existing, old buildings. It should have very little impact on the local area.
During building work, construction vehicles will arrive on-site and there may be some noise during the day. We will try to limit this as much as possible.
When the Pathology laboratory opens, staff working in the building will arrive by public transport, cycle to work or park in one of the existing car parks on the St James’s site. There may be a small increase in deliveries but these will not affect local roads.

More information
If you’d like to find out more about the new laboratory or the Trust’s Pathology service, please come to one of our drop-in events in the reception area, Gledhow Wing at St James’s Hospital.

Tuesday, 26 November:
anytime from 9am - 11am

Wednesday, 27 November:
anytime from 6pm - 8pm

You will be able to see the ouline plans for the new laboratory and talk to the Project Team. We look forward to meeting you.

If you are unable to attend the drop-in sessions but would like to leave a comment, please email:

download an information leaflet