The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Our vision for the anthology

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Leeds Teaching Hospitals has made a commitment to ‘Root out racism’ alongside 450 other organisations as part of a regional campaign launched in August 2021. Our commitment is to ensure all our colleagues at LTHT can thrive free of discrimination. We know that, to do this, it’s not enough to not be racist – we need to be anti-racist.

ROR Logo RGBHow does Amplifying Voices, Mending Divides fit into this? We want this to be more than just a book. This is going to be learning tool and an active resource for staff. Not only is this a means of amplifying the under-heard voices of BME colleagues, we want this to be the motor of inclusive conversations right across our hospitals, the NHS, and beyond.

We want to get this book into as many different hands as possible, so we can create as many ‘lightbulb moments’ as we can – where people think, "I didn’t realise that", or, "that’s something I can start doing better."

The success of this book will be measured by the conversations it produces. We’re not asking you simply to get the book and read it – we want you to talk about it. Whether that’s on social media, setting up a reading discussion group with your team, or using it to start a conversation with a colleague, this is the momentum of creating meaningful change in the organisation that starts with you.

Jenny Lewis, Director of HR and OD, explains why everyone should read this book