The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Equality Analysis

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust is committed to ensuring that the organisation pays due regard to the three aims of the public sector equality duty. One way of doing this is to carry out a systematic analysis of the impact of our actions and decisions on the different groups covered by the Equality Act 2010.

Equality Analysis is a tool aimed at improving the quality of local health services by ensuring that individuals and teams think carefully about the likely impact of their work on different communities or groups. The assessments help us to ensure that we do not disadvantage people from certain groups in the way that we deliver our services or through our employment practices. It is also a way of identifying where we might better promote equality of opportunity.

Equality analysis is an integral part of our Managing for Success (MfS) change programme and is also embedded into our policy and decision-making processes. The Trust has developed a new equality analysis toolkit, which consists of two main parts:

  • An initial screening process
  • A full analysis (if the initial screening has identified a possible adverse/negative impact)

A copy of the new toolkit can be found below: