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Public Sector Equality Duty - Compliance Information

In line with the specific duties of the Equality Act 2010, the Trust has in previous years published lengthy and detailed annual reports to demonstrate the range of ways in which we are eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between different groups. These can be downloaded below.

In 2016, the Trust decided to take a different approach in an attempt to be more readily accessible and in turn transparent to the public in the form of a set of factsheets. These provided key findings and key actions along with supporting infographics. Please see below:

Equality Factsheets 2018

 Equality Factsheets 2017

Equality Factsheets 2017

Equality Factsheets 2016

Factsheets for the remaining protected characteristics will be produced in future years, once the data held about our staff and patients is considered sufficiently robust enough for meaningful analysis. Improving the equality information we hold about our staff and patients is a key priority set out in the Equality and Diversity Strategy. Additional background equality data is readily available by contacting the Equality and Diversity Manager.

Download the Full Report

Equality and Diversity Manager

If you have any feedback, either positive or negative, about this information, would like further detail or have any other equality and diversity query or issue in relation to the Trust, please contact:

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Please note that this information can be made available in different languages or formats. For more information about this, please contact Rebecca McManus on 0113 206 4217 or email