The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

About Us

The services we offer

This section contains information on the range of services we provide.

Clinical services

You can find detailed information on and contact details for the clinical services we offer in the A-Z of Services section. These pages also contain information on the specialist consultants responsible for the provision of each service.

Non-clinical services

Information on the non-clinical services we offer is available on request.

Information leaflets

We provide our patients with a wide range of information leaflets about the services and treatment they can expect to receive over the course of their care with us. 

Patient information

We understand that being a patient can at times be complicated and confusing. The Patients and Visitors section offers help, support and advice to patients and their relatives, friends and carers with regards to all aspects of our services, including:

  • Preparing to come to hospital
  • Getting to hospital
  • About your stay
  • Facilities on site
  • Quality of care
  • After your treatment
  • Information leaflets
  • Overseas patients
  • Private patients.

Corporate communications and media releases

The News and media section provides an up-to-date account of our corporate communications and media releases.