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Donation to Neonatal Unit to thank staff for Daisy’s care

1 August 2014

Amy Walton's daughter Daisy was born a year ago and was 15 weeks premature, she weighed just 1lb 9oz and could not breathe for herself.

She was taken to the Neonatal Unit at Leeds General Infirmary and transferred to St James's as she got better. Altogether Daisy spent the first 100 days of her life our hospitals.

The family, from Wortley, Leeds, believe that she would not be here today had it not been for the support of the Neonatal Unit and they have set up The Daisy Fund to raise money. They have done everything from 'A Day at the Races' to selling 'Reindeer Food' at Christmas.

Amy said:  “I couldn't be more grateful to the amazing staff on the neonatal units. They provide the best care any parent could wish for and always remain positive! I will continue to fundraise to help support the unit for years to come!"

Daisy and Amy came along to the St James's Neonatal ward to present a cheque in the sum of just over £2085.

Dr Liz McKechnie and Sister Janet Monaghan were among the team who looked after Daisy when she was a patient on the ward and they were both really happy to see Daisy and said how wonderful it is to see a healthy child returning to see them who they remember so well.

Dr McKechnie said: It is always so good to see these little ones return as fit healthy children, knowing the traumas that they went through as a newborn.

"The hard work that Amy and her family have put into raising this money will ensure that babies like Daisy will continue to receive the highest quality of care.

Amy will be continuing with her fundraising and you can follow her progress on Facebook - The Daisy Fund.