The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Celebrating 50 years of Emergency Medicine

13 October 2017

Thursday 12 October marked 50 years of Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), and LTHT has been at the forefront of this specialty since the beginning.

Mr Maurice Ellis who set up the predecessor organisation Casualty Surgeons Association on 12 October 1967 was a Consultant at the LGI, and became the first A&E consultant in the UK (with many also saying the first in the world) so we’re proud to think that Emergency Medicine all started right here in Leeds.

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50 years later, the current president of the RCEM is Dr Taj Hassan, an Emergency Consultant at LTHT. Dr Graham Johnson, also an Emergency Consultant at LTHT, is the Chair of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Board of RCEM.

Around the world, buildings were lit up purple to celebrate the anniversary - including Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Civic Hall.


LTHT Emergency Department teams took part in the RCEM celebrations, including teaching CPR to staff and the public, as well as local businesses and primary schools. Leeds also hosted the Yorkshire RCEM Education and Celebration Conference.


We are proud of our history in Emergency Medicine at Leeds and are working hard with our ‘next generation’ of emergency doctors to continue to provide world-leading care to patients in Leeds. 

Photo credit: Richard Perry