The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

A Celebration of Homebirths

30 January 2018

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) hosted a ‘homebirth celebration’ to raise awareness of homebirths as an option for Leeds mums-to-be.

In Leeds, the majority of mums-to-be choose to have their babies in hospital with just a small number opting for a homebirth. However, research suggests that having your baby at home can increase the chances of having a normal birth and reduce the risks of intervention in birth, such as caesarean section, assisted delivery, episiotomy and the need for medicinal pain relief.

Leeds Homebirth team

Sarah Bennett, Lead Midwife for the Maternity Strategy at LTHT said “Having your baby at home means you are more likely to have met the midwife who cares for you in labour at an appointment through your pregnancy. There are also no restrictions on family and friends being present in your home to support you which means a lot to mums-to-be who often want their family and friends to share in the experience.

“It is important that women have a choice regarding their place of birth. In Leeds we have a dedicated team of experienced homebirth midwives who are able to provide care during labour and birth at home - something mums-to-be may not have considered.”

The event, organised by the Leeds Homebirth Team,was attended by Councillor Charlwood and other families who have chosen to have a homebirth who will be sharing their experiences.

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Feedback from mums who have chosen a homebirth includes: “Thank you for all your care. The homebirth was a really lovely experience for our family…calm, relaxed, peaceful…just perfect. We could not have wished for anything more.”

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