The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds welcomes Jamaican Global Learning Practitioners

8 July 2019

Last month, Leeds Teaching Hospitals welcomed a cohort of fifteen nurses from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica as part of an international education partnership.

The Global Learning Practitioners have joined the Trust as part of a pilot scheme between Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Health Education England and the Jamaican Ministry of Health which aims to create a long-lasting reciprocal relationship between the UK and Jamaica, whilst globally showcasing the outstanding critical care that Leeds Teaching Hospitals provides.

The nurses will undertake a bespoke critical care education programme at the Trust over five months and will be evaluated against a framework of nationally recognised competencies. This will enhance their critical care skills, enable them to implement positive changes in practice back in Jamaica, and eventually allow the Jamaican Ministry of Health to open up more critical care beds.

Leeds Jamaican GLPs

Lisa Grant, Chief Nurse at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We are extremely proud to be part of this partnership that brings with it fantastic benefits both to us as a Trust but more importantly, to the Jamaican health system. This project gives us a real opportunity to contribute to the improvement of healthcare delivery worldwide, and we are really excited to work with the team and see how far this partnership can take us.”

As part of the programme, Leeds Teaching Hospitals has also welcomed the Chief Nursing Officer of Jamaica, Patricia Ingram-Martin, their Critical Care Programme Co-ordinator, Nadine McFarlane-Stewart and Head of the Global Nursing Programme at Health Education England, Tracey Collins to the trust to officially launch the project.

Tracey Collins, Head of Global Nursing at Health Education England, said: “We welcome the Jamaican nurses who have arrived in the UK to begin their journey of learning in Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

“This is the start of what we hope will be a mutually-beneficial relationship with the Jamaican government that will see nurses from the Caribbean further develop their skills and competencies and UK multi-disciplinary staff travel to Jamaica to provide support for the nursing workforce there. This is an exciting partnership that will benefit patients both in the UK and Jamaica.”

During their time in Leeds the Global Learning Practitioners have been spending time with the local community to get to know the area and experience the sights of Leeds.

Kimberly Reid-Ferro who is working on Ward L06 said: ​"Coming on this journey was initially a struggle having to leave my family, but when I have received such a warm welcome and appreciation from the Leeds Trust staff, things have started to lighten up. I have been working on L06 so far and trust me, they are like family! On my first day I worked with Keren, she was such a sweetheart. She took really good care of me. Denise is my other mentor and she is like an angel. She looks after me very well. I am having a wonderful time with my new ICU family, just like I am used to back home."

Monique Patrick who is currently on Ward L43 added: "It's been an awesome experience so far. Staff on the NICU are warm and welcoming. They are always willing to teach us something new and also eager to learn from us too."

Whilst at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust the team will be working across both adult and paediatric Critical Care Units where they will be learning from multi-disciplinary teams, aiming to take vital learnings back to Jamaica to strengthen the country’s critical care offering.