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Celebrating Admin at LTHT - My Life in Admin - Leanne Ramsell

24 April 2023

Celebrating admin LeanneName: Leanne Ramsell 

Job role: Patient Services Coordinator

CSU: Leeds Children's Hospital

Time with NHS/LTHT: 7.3 years

Roles I have held so far in NHS: 

Finance Officer Covering Neurosciences and Trauma and Related Services

Assistant Patient Services Coordinator in Trauma and Related Services 

Patient Services Coordinator - Leeds Children’s Hospital 

My proudest moment in my job is: 

When I got my role permanent after a 6-month secondment, I had to do a presentation on what I had achieved with one of the teams I look after.   I feel I have gained a lot of experience, trust from the staff and this has helped me improve on my confidence and made me also believe in myself more.

What I do makes a difference to patients by:

Getting them treated in a timely manner the best I can, always thinking about them when in meetings with the consultants weekly, making, sure that they are all prioritising depending on their needs.

You wouldn’t know this about me:

I always put everyone before myself which can also be my biggest downfall.

Where did my career begin and how did I get to my current job?

I worked for a telephone company for 15 years gaining a lot of experience in lots of areas, I loved my job but I was made redundant.  I then worked for a Security company for 5 years in accounts, leaving there to get the job within the NHS.  I was in finance for 9 months but a job came up within TRS which I applied for and got it.  I worked covering Vascular then moved onto Plastics and then 18 months ago I got a secondment role within Theatres and Anaesthesia.  The job was made redundant so I applied for my current role which I got on another secondment for 6 months and applied for the permanent position and was successful.  I love my job and want to continue working with the team I am in.

What did I learn on my journey/top tips?

Be yourself, never give up.  If you get knocked back don’t let it get you down, take the feedback and go again. Also have a good positive mental attitude.

What’s next for me?

To stay in my current role, I am learning more every day and it is very challenging and I love a new challenge.  Every day is different.