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Celebrating Admin at LTHT - My Life in Admin - Tracy Harding

26 April 2023

Celebrating admin TRACY HARDINGName: Tracy Harding 

Job role: Business Manager 

CSU: Organisational Learning

Time with NHS/LTHT: 31.5 years

Roles I have held so far in NHS: 

Personal Assistant to Head of Department

Administration Manager

Staff Support Project Manager

Learning and Development Facilitator

Business Manager Organisational Learning

My proudest moment in my job is:

There are 2 aspects to this for me.

Academically the proudest moment for me was achieving my BA (Hons) Degree in Business Manager via Open University in 2021.  When I left school this was with very few qualifications and my teachers and college tutors, I felt, had low expectations of me, but I wanted to prove them wrong.  It took a while, but I decided to commence higher education and fit this round a full time job and family in my 40’s, it showed me that you can learn at any stage in your life.

The second aspect for me is being in a fortunate position to work in a role that allows me help encourage, develop and coach individuals to be their best self in what every direction they wish to pursue. 

What I do makes a difference to patients by:

Not being directly hands on with patients can be difficult to assess impact, however, I know the work we do and that I can provide has an impact on the staff that provide that hands on care to ensure staff are doing their job safely, efficiently and feel valued.

You wouldn’t know this about me:

In my teens I used to do a little amateur dramatics and performed in local pantomimes every year.

Where did my career begin and how did I get to my current job?

My career started as a YTS (Apprenticeship equivalent) where I was placed in a role at SJUH in 1989 which was my first introduction of the NHS, followed by a 3 year role in Chemical Pathology working for both NHS and the University before joining the Training Department in 1991 and I am still there now, although the Trust has changed significantly in that time and I have held many different roles, the core department has remained the same.

What did I learn on my journey/top tips?

I have learnt not to give up, embrace your strengths and enjoy what you do.

Top tips: Don’t underestimate your own abilities, be open to learn from others and for those that wish to become a manager become a great communicator, listen and be firm but fair.

What’s next for me?

I would love to expand my career coaching experience and learn more about life coaching.