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Celebrating Admin at LTHT - My Life in Admin - Kim George

27 April 2023

Celebrating admin kIMName: Kim George 

Job role: Senior Medical Secretary and Office Manager

CSU: Adult Therapies

Time with NHS/LTHT: 25 years 

Roles I have held so far in NHS: 

Business Manager in Public Health, Senior Medical Secretary in Ophthalmology/Waiting list Coordinator Ophthalmology, Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic Administrator, Overseas Travel Clinic Administrator,  Senior Medical Secretary/Office Manager/Outpatient Clinic Manager for Community Mental Health, Medical Secretary for Early Intervention in Psychosis, HCA at Foss Park Acute Mental Health Hospital, Health Care Assistant at York District Hospital in Emergency Department weekends , Senior Medical Secretary in Public Health, Senior Administrator/Office Manager in School Health, mental health first aider, dignity and respect advisor, health and wellbeing champion, first aider, Covid 19 Administrator, steward, marshal at Elland Road and East Leeds Clinic. Senior Administrator at East Leeds Family Intervention Service.

My proudest moment in my job is:

Assisting patient’s to access treatment and appropriate care in a timely manner. Making a positive difference to patient’s health and wellbeing not only physical health but mental health from an holistic viewpoint. Saving a patient’s life by my prompt action and care.

What I do makes a difference to patients by:

Positively promoting their individual health and wellbeing, providing dignity, respect and building trust & rapport by being a good listener, calm and focussed also not phased out by anything you see or hear or come across.

You wouldn’t know this about me:

I have been an egg donor for Leeds Teaching Hospitals to enable families to have children and donated my eggs 5 times.  I am a twin and my mum was a twin so hopefully a few twins were born from the eggs I donated. 

What did I learn on my journey/top tips?

To be patient, caring, focussed, good listener, be flexible at work, put your hand to anything, enjoy learning, attend college for further education to improve and upgrade knowledge and skills tied into your job roles and career pathway.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something or need help or assistance and guidance with a task. Be open and willing to embrace changes at work and home, if possible be geographically mobile to enable you to gain experience at other NHS Trusts along the way.