The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

LGBT+ History Month - Meet our people

24 February 2021

February is LGBT+ History Month, and as part of the celebrations we are putting the spotlight on some of the members of our LGBT+ Staff Network, LGBT+ Role Models, and those who identify as LGBT+ at the Trust.

Sammy GibsonWe asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves and what they do here at LTHT.

Today we're hearing from Sammy Gibson, Physiotherapist and Clinical Advisor with the Learning Disabilities and Autism Team.


"Hello, my name is Sammy (pronouns: she/her). I am a physiotherapist working here at LTHT, however I currently work outside of physiotherapy in the Learning Disability + Autism Team as a Clinical Advisor. I work with adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism to support their healthcare needs at all of our hospitals.

"I share a role in the Core network to support our LGBT+ Role Models. Given the current Covid climate, we are still working on how best to connect with all of our amazing Role Models across the Trust, and to recruit more - so watch this space! If you are interested in becoming a Staff Role Model, please feel free to drop the team an e-mail

"I’m really excited to support this group to make our workplace the best, inclusive place to work for everybody."


Follow Sammy on Twitter: @SammyGibson29 Watch Sammy's reasons for wearing the NHS Rainbow Badge on YouTube.