The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

LGBT+ History Month - Meet our people: Ash Birtles

25 February 2021

February is LGBT+ History Month, and as part of the celebrations we are putting the spotlight on some of the members of our LGBT+ Staff Network, LGBT+ Role Models, and those who identify as LGBT+ at the Trust.

Ash BirtlesWe asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves and what they do here at LTHT.

Today we're hearing from Dr Ash Birtles, respiratory registrar.

"Hello, my name is Ash (she/her) and I'm a respiratory registrar on rotation in LTHT, as well as being the current Chair of the LTHT Staff LGBT+ Network and one of the Trust's LGBTQ+ Role Models.

"In my role as Chair of the Staff LGBT+ Network I support our role models scheme and all activities that we do as a network. I work as a bridge between staff and senior management to bring up any issues faced by LGBT+ staff in the Trust. I also work with the Equality and Diversity working group in the Trust to make sure actions taken by the Trust have a positive impact on staff and patients that belong to the LGBTQ+ community and any other marginalised group. We are also currently looking at educational resources for staff and creating a more formal network for LGBT+ staff and allies.

"I have a keen interest in improving the working lives of all staff who are in a marginalised group and for improving patient access to healthcare. I'm always happy to be contacted by members of staff who are interested in joining the LGBT+ Network or with any questions about being LGBTQ+ in healthcare. The best way to get hold of me is via our email address which is"

Follow Ash on Twitter: @AshBirts