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LGBT+ History Month - Meet our people: Padma Dinesh

25 February 2021

February is LGBT+ History Month, and as part of the celebrations we are putting the spotlight on some of the members of our LGBT+ Staff Network, LGBT+ Role Models, and those who identify as LGBT+ at the Trust.

PadmaDineshWe asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves and what they do here at LTHT.

Today we're hearing from Padma Dinesh, Senior Systems Support Officer in the Radiology IT team.

Explain a bit about your role within the Trust

"I work with Radiology IT as a Senior Systems Support Officer. My main jobs are data analysis - procuring / analysing / manipulating data to produce reports for in-house as well as national requirements."

Tell us about your role within the Network

"I work as the BME Officer for the network - linking / liaising with BME Staff Network and other networks to collaborate on behalf of LGBT+ Network members"

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn't know

"Originally from India, I have had the advantage of learning three local languages (Telugu - mother tongue, Hindi - national language, Marathi - state language) apart from English. I can only speak Telugu while I can speak / read & write Hindi, Marathi. I write poetry in English, Hindi, am very passionate about cooking and henna designs to name a few."

Tell us about the importance of the LGBT+ Network in fighting inequality

“Through my journey whether personal or work related, I slowly started  noticing the silent and invisible blocks that seem to exist more in my pathway due to my skin colour. I noticed these invisible walls existed for specific groups of people as well and their heights varied depending on various factors. These walls were higher for LGBT+ people and even more exacerbated for BME LGBT+ people.

"My experiences started making me more aware and sensitive to people around me and to their needs. It exposed me to the huge unsaid but prominent differences that existed making me more determined to do my bit to help reduce the invisible inequalities in every sphere of life. Joining the LGBT+ Network was one of the first baby steps I took to enable me to achieve this. Becoming a core member of the Network has put me on a learning curve of being proud and accepting of oneself. This awareness is enabling me to put into action to build a community that won’t have these invisible walls blocking any pathway of growth.”

Follow Padma on Twitter: @padma_dinesh1 Watch Padma's reasons for signing up the NHS Rainbow Badge on YouTube.