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Day of Reflection - Palliative Care team

23 March 2021

It has been a difficult year for everyone in lots of different ways. Today’s #DayofReflection encourages us all to take a moment to think back over everything we have experienced, support each other and look forward.

Our Palliative Care team provide specialist support for people facing serious illness and help them to have a good quality of life. This can include managing physical symptoms, but also emotional, spiritual and psychological support, and support for family and friends.

The Palliative Care team has been crucial to helping our patients and their loved ones this year.

Palliative Care team

Lead Nurse for Palliative and End of Life Care It has been an incredibly challenging year for all our patients, families and staff. The impact of social distancing / lockdowns, leading to reduced access to support from families and friends has had a huge impact on how people have been able to cope with the many difficult and challenging situations we have had to face. We have witnessed so many acts of kindness in the hospital and at home. Staff have learnt to adapt to working in new roles and with new teams in order to ensure we continued to deliver the best care to our patients and families.  I will light a light tonight to reflect on all those patients who have sadly lost their lives during this past year and to thank all the hard working staff who have gone above and beyond to deliver care in very difficult circumstances. 

Palliative Care Consultant Today is an opportunity to come together and reflect, remember and grieve for those touched by the pandemic. The last year has presented so many challenges for patients and staff across the Trust, yet amongst this our team have been struck by the warmth and compassion of individuals and the thoughtful ways in which people have supported patients and their loved ones.

Clinical Nurse Specialist. Palliative Care team The last year has felt overwhelming and in the early months I questioned how we were ever going to get through it.  Lots of uncertainty and worry for our patients and their families as well as for our own families, society and the world.  Great sadness at times…….but I have also seen the courage and determination of my amazing colleagues and their never-ending commitment and care to patients and families despite such challenging circumstances.  An overwhelming feeling of support and sense of  “we are in all this together”

Team Leader & Clinical Nurse Specialist. Palliative Care Team The last year has had a huge impact on all members of society - patients, family, health and social care providers. Despite the emotional burden, the sense of togetherness and mutual support is what I will take away as my abiding memory of this momentous time in our lives.

Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Even though COVID has been a stressful part of life, I feel so proud of my colleagues throughout the hospital adapting to the pandemic and feeling so grateful for the Palliative care team for their ongoing support.