The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Let's talk up the 'Natural' Health Service - Sharon Fernandez, Research Radiographer

29 April 2021

This National Gardening Week (26 April - 2 May) we are hearing from members of staff at LTHT how a dose of 'Vitamin G' has helped reduce stress and improve personal wellbeing during difficult times. Today we are hearing from Sharon Fernandez, Research Radiographer.

Sharon: I have always been passionate about gardening; I love being outside in nature and feeling like I have a purpose for looking after something! Unfortunately, over the years I have lived in rental properties with limited outside space so it's not until this last year that I have really been able to expand my love for gardening.

Sharon F v2My skill level has definitely got better over this last year. I have had the time to invest in enhancing my knowledge and obviously, our gardens have been most peoples' saviours lately. I have done a lot of building and upcycling this year and created myself a potting table from an old cupboard. I have built a bird house from offcuts of wood and thought of some clever ways to pot out my vegetables!

I hope next year to further expand and to really enhance the garden to be more wildlife-friendly. I also hope that my plants will grow and create the jungle feel I am after!

Gardening has been my saviour during lockdown. Any chance I had, I was outside potting. Potting out all of my seeds ranging from Rudbeckia and Cosmos to Nasturtium and Borage, I have watched them grow. Getting my hands in the soil to do that absolutely benefits my mental health. I love getting better and better at it... I just wish I had a bigger garden!