The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Celebrating our midwives - Catherine Buckroyd

6 May 2021

We are celebrating our nurses, midwives and operating department practitioners (ODPs) in a two-week long celebration during May that takes in the international recognition days for each profession. Today we're putting the spotlight on our midwives, so it's over to Catherine Buckroyd to tell us a bit about her role and profession.

Catherine BuckroydCatherine: I started my adult nurse training in 1996 and have always worked at either Leeds Teaching hospitals or Leeds Community Healthcare.  My last nursing job brought me into contact with many families, pregnant women and midwives which I really enjoyed so following the birth of my first child in 2010 I decided to have a change in profession.  I love being a midwife as I enjoy being with and supporting women and families at one of the most special times in a women’s life. 

As a rotational midwife I gained experience in all clinical areas but really enjoyed the diversity of the Maternity Assessment Centre until 2018 when I became a clinical educator. 

COVID-19 definitely changed the way in which I work. During the initial phases of  the pandemic I worked clinically and when I returned to my role of clinical educator we had to quickly adapt the way in which training was provided.  Despite a pandemic, training remains a high priority ensuring the provision of high quality care and patient safety and I am proud to be a part of this work. 

For anyone considering a career in midwifery, I cannot recommend it enough, its diverse, interesting and most of all it is privilege to be able to support and care for women and their families.