The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Celebrating our midwives - Lauren Pickup

8 May 2021

We are celebrating our nurses, midwives and operating department practitioners (ODPs) in a two-week long celebration during May that takes in the international recognition days for each profession. Today we're putting the spotlight on our midwives, so it's over to Lauren Pickup to tell us a bit about her role and profession.

Lauren PickupLauren: I always wanted to be a midwife from starting high school and I never changed my mind. I qualified from University of Leeds in 2009 and started work at LTHT that year and have been here ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed my training in Leeds and knew I wanted to work here with its reputation as a large and supportive teaching hospital. I completed my preceptorship after 18 months and became a core midwife on labour ward in 2011 and stayed there for 7 years. I loved supporting and caring for women and their families and providing both high and low risk care at one of the most special times in their lives. Being a midwife, whichever area of midwifery you work in, is one of the most privileged positions to be in and although challenging at times is so rewarding.  

One of the best things about a career in midwifery is the different career pathways it can provide. Since 2018, I now work as a clinical educator within the Women’s CSU, developing and providing training for staff and supporting staff, in particular, midwives undertaking their preceptorship to ensure safe and quality care is provided for women and babies at all times. The COVID-19 pandemic proved extremely challenging in continuing to provide training for staff but as a team, we quickly adapted to the virtual world of teaching, where we have subsequently reinstated all of our training now, ensuring we follow current guidance. Training and development for midwives underpins high quality and safe patient care, therefore it was a priority that we could adapt to the current circumstances as quickly as possible.

For anyone considering a career in midwifery, it is a very diverse, interesting and privileged role to be in. Care and compassion, being able to listen and support women in their choices, building trusting relationships and providing safe, quality care are an absolute must. A career in midwifery also allows you to open up your own personal development and career path which is exactly what I have now done.