The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Over 32% of Hospitalised COVID-19 Patients in Leeds have taken part in Clinical Trials

20 May 2020

Figures released today (20th May 2020) show that 32% of hospitalised COVID-19 patients took part in clinical trials between the 15/03/2020 and the 15/05/2020 at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT).

LTHT launched a dedicated COVID-19 Research Delivery Team in March, and after just 5 days of the first patient being admitted in Leeds (15/03/2020), the team recruited its first patients to a COVID-19 clinical trial. 

To date, the Trust has taken part in 23 different COVID-19 research studies, recruiting 293 patients (as of 15/05/2020). The Trust was also the first in the world to recruit a patient to the Ruxcovid study and the first in the UK to recruit to the Cancovid study.  

Figures also released today, to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD), highlight LTHT 2019/20 research participation. In 2019/20 over 18,000 took part in research studies at LTHT with over 700 of those being children and young people under the age of 18. Throughout 2019/20, the Trust opened 231 new studies overall with the highest recruiting study being the Yorkshire Cancer Research funded Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial. 

Dr Jacqueline Andrews, Director of Research and Innovation at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Today’s figures are a direct result of the incredible response LTHT research staff and patients have mounted in the fight against COVID-19 and for our research programme as a whole throughout 2019/20.”

“During the pandemic, our COVID-19 research delivery team have been frontline heroes. They have screened every COVID positive patient admitted to LTHT to see if they are willing and able to participate in nationally prioritised research studies and have set up trials in record time to achieve World and UK firsts.

“I would like to sincerely thank our staff and patients who took part in health research opportunities at Leeds Teaching Hospital during a very challenging time, it has been an outstanding effort by all"

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