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Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

Specialist services are commissioned by NHS England and are provided from relatively few centres of excellence across the country. We are one of these centres of excellence.

The specialist conditions we treat range from longterm conditions, such as renal services, and neonatal services, to rarer conditions such as uncommon cancers, medical genetics, specialised services for children and cardiac.

We are one of the largest providers of specialist hospital services in the country, covering over 100 specialties, many of which are delivered across the region.  Around 50% of our overall income of around £1billion comes from specialised commissioners at NHS England.

This means we can attract specialist doctors and nurses at the top of their discipline and our research capability enables us to offer our patients the very latest in drug trials, therapies and treatments. Evidence suggests that, for many complex conditions, patients will get a better outcome if they are seen by a specialist in a place where there are expert staff available who regularly treat similar complex conditions. 

The majority of specialist services we provide can be categorised into five key groups:

  • Specialist children’s services
  • Cancer, blood and genetics
  • Major trauma and neurosciences
  • Cardiac services
  • Specialised transplantation and other specialised surgery.

Leeds Children’s Hospital

Leeds Children's Hospital provides one of the widest ranges of specialist children’s hospital services in the United Kingdom, offering the highest quality treatment and care to children and young people living in Leeds, across Yorkshire and beyond.

We are one of the UK’s largest children’s hospitals with access to state of the art treatments and facilities, providing major services for children and young people in specialties such as cancer and heart surgery.

We are one of only a small number of centres nationally offering liver transplants; Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, a specialist surgical procedure for some children with cerebral palsy; gender identity services and services for children with primary cilliary dyskinesia – a rare respiratory disorder.

All our practitioners are dedicated to delivering the best possible clinical outcomes for every child, every time. Many of our clinicians are experts in their field, conducting research and pioneering new approaches to the treatment of illnesses affecting children and young people.

Just as importantly, we understand that children, young people and families need support and reassurance when they come to hospital. We aim to make sure Leeds Children’s Hospital is a welcoming, caring place for all who need our services.

Leeds Cancer Centre

The Leeds Cancer Centre at St James’s University Hospital provides some of the most advanced treatment and care for patients with cancer anywhere in the world.

The centre is one of the largest in the UK, offering comprehensive, specialist cancer services for patients in Leeds, Yorkshire and across the North of England.

Our practitioners have access to state of the art diagnostic services in both radiology and pathology and leading edge surgery to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes for patients.  The Centre is the first in the UK to offer some of the most innovative treatments in both radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

This work is underpinned by a world-class programme of research and innovation for which we have an enviable reputation.  The Centre is constantly pioneering new approaches to cancer therapy and care.

Leeds Major Trauma Centre

The Leeds Major Trauma Centre was created at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) in 2013 as part of a network set up across England to improve care for patients with life-threatening multiple injuries.

It is one of only 12 combined paediatric and adult trauma centres in the country and takes adult patients from across West Yorkshire as well as from the Harrogate and York district, and children from across the wider region.

The facility has already made a big difference to both the quality of care and outcomes for patients, and is one of the top three centres for volume of patients and survival rates in the UK.

Leeds Cardiac Services

In heart surgery, Leeds has the largest single centre Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (Primary PCI) services across the UK and was one of the national pilot sites for this service. PCI services are provided to more than 1,000 patients each year admitted acutely with a heart attack.

We have also developed the largest heart valve implantation service in the UK, and the largest cardiac MRI service outside of London. We host the West Yorkshire arrhythmia service, with state-of-the-art facilities for the investigation and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. Our clinical teams also provide a regional service for inherited cardiac conditions and a multi-disciplinary heart failure service.

Specialised transplantation services

Our liver and kidney transplantation teams continue to provide complex, specialist and tertiary renal services for the population of the Yorkshire and Humber region. We are the largest solid organ transplant centre in the UK, the third largest liver transplant centre and the largest liver cancer surgery unit. Our teams also provide comprehensive urological cancer services.