The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Our Goals

The best for patient safety, quality and experience

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We want to be recognised by our patients, commissioners, peers and staff as being amongst the best for patient safety, quality, patient engagement and clinical outcomes. Just meeting the minimum standards is no longer acceptable and our patients rightly expect the best care possible.

Our ambition is to be up there with the highest performing hospitals in the NHS. In some areas, our performance is comparable to these hospitals but there are others where we can improve and we want to ensure a consistently high quality standard across everything we do.

We are responsible for every penny of public money invested into our services and ensure it is spent wisely and efficiently. We accept that investing in quality and patient experience will mean eliminating wasteful practices.

The best place to work

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If we are to be the leader in integrated and specialist care we need to retain and attract the best possible workforce to support us to do this. We can only do this by becoming one of the best places to work.

Staff who are engaged, empowered to carry out their role, well trained, well led and supported are more likely to deliver outstanding care, leading to a positive impact on patient outcomes and an improvement in financial efficiency.

We want to be the best place to work: where our colleagues work within supportive and positive teams and where we are viewed as a fair employer by our employees; where activities and tasks are simpler and easier to complete because there is a common approach across the Trust.

Using our talent in full will mean embracing the diversity of our workforce and using that rich experience to improve patient care. We have good representation in the senior medical workforce from a diversity of backgrounds but we want all our senior teams to better reflect the diverse community we serve.

Many of our staff already contribute to the city in other ways. As a socially responsible employer we will encourage volunteering. Together with Leeds City Council, we will organise for senior hospital staff to mentor young people from deprived communities around Leeds.

We will develop strong clinical leadership, removing any them and us between management ;and clinicians and focus on working as one team in the interests of patients.

A centre of excellence for specialist services, research, education and innovation

research iconWe will be an outstanding research and education organisation ensuring the Trust is a leading provider of specialist services.

Our strong reputation is evident in the numerous examples of leading edge research programmes,international innovation partnerships, UK-first operations, the use of cutting edge technology and our strong teaching hospital status. All of this work not only benefits patients in our own hospitals but those further afield too, and is a valuable opportunity for us to encourage new investment into the Trust from external partners.

You can read more about our achievements and plans in the Research and innovation section of this site.

Hospitals that offer seamless, integrated care

Integrated care iconWe will improve care and services through integration and collaboration across networks and partners. Good integrated care sees all health and care providers working together seamlessly for the benefit of the patient. This ensures that patients receive care in a timely, convenient, co-ordinated and consistent manner and have a bigger say over their own care and how we work with them to deliver that.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the other health and social care providers across Leeds are all committed to this and, as part of the national Integrated Care Pioneer Programme, will be pushing for this to happen quickly across the city.

Financially sustainable

finance iconWe will improve our financial margins to support the delivery of high quality care and seek out mutual business development growth opportunities to benefit the Trust, patients and Leeds.

Each day, 365 days a year, we spend nearly ¬£3 million delivering our services. Like the rest of the NHS, we face major financial constraint for the foreseeable future. We need to be able to make annual efficiency savings of between four and six per cent per year for the next three years and all while demand for health care is increasing.

There are limits to the level of savings we can make through salami slicing annual budgets without compromising the delivery of the safe and high quality care that our patients expect and deserve. We need to think differently, take a more long term approach and look at new and innovative ways of delivering services differently in order to be sustainable and more effective.