The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Charlotte Hobbs

Charlotte Hobbs - Clinical Photographer

Charlotte Hobbs “As a Clinical Photographer I work within the hospital’s Medical Illustration department. I provide different types of images/ videos for healthcare professionals across the Trust. In my role, I am responsible for the daily recording of clinical conditions presented by patients. We do this by working in a photographic studio, clinic, ward or operating theatre. The images are used for both diagnosis and for recording a condition during the stages of treatment. The photographs can be used in clinical documentation, research, publications as well as for teaching purposes.

We also use highly specialised equipment to provide the Ophthalmology department with OCT scans, retinal images, fluorescein angiography and more. On top of this, we work closely with the Communications team at LTHT to deliver PR photography to provide staff and the public up to date information on the hospital and to highlight any achievements.”

“After studying photography at Sheffield Hallam University I got a job at the Trust as a support worker for the Medical Illustration department. Within my time in this role I worked towards the City & Guilds Diabetic Eye Screening qualification and spent two years gaining valuable experience in the ophthalmic and photography department. I then moved into a role as a trainee clinical photographer which involved working towards my post graduate degree in Medical Photography run by Staffordshire University. Now fully qualified and an assessor for City & Guilds I am excited to see where I can progress too next.”

“The best thing about my job is variety of patients and staff I work with every day. I can start my morning by shooting a clinical video in theatre, followed by photographing a patient undergoing a clinical trial then I could be taking photos of a nurse’s retirement do for Bulletin. The most valuable resource we have at LTHT is our staff. Collaborating with so many different colleagues within the Trust is not only enjoyable, but essential to provide the best patient care possible.”

 “My best advice to a new starter at the Trust is to be open minded to new experiences. Everyday is different for us and you never know what saying ‘Yes’ can lead too. Also invest in a pair of comfy shoes!"