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Laizah Madziva

Laizah Madziva

 Laizah MadzivaLaizah Madziva is a Staff Nurse on J08 at St James’s, where she looks after mainly elderly patients. She’s worked for the Trust for five years.

Laizah’s day-to-day role involves a lot of hands-on patient care, including administering medications and looking after individual patient needs, in addition to taking admissions, discharging or transferring patients to other wards.

Laizah provides a high standard of compassionate care to all her patients whilst maintaining their safety and dignity during their time on the ward. She is passionate about providing a safe and infection-free ward environment, and promotes proper hand hygiene and infection control protocol.

Laizah’s favourite thing about working for the Trust is the great teamwork ethic on J08, as well as the flexible working pattern her role provides.

Outside of work, Laizah enjoys travelling and visiting adventurous places with her family and friends. When not jet-setting around the globe, Laizah enjoys cooking and baking at home.