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Zoe Elliot

Zoe Elliot

Zoe ElliotZoe Elliot is an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP) and has worked for the Trust for 16 years.

“My standard day involves working alongside the medical and nursing teams within Adult Critical Care. I will take part in a ward round, ensuring that all patients have a full review including a consultant plan, medication review, blood result and investigation review, and a full physical examination. The completion of any identified jobs is then carried out by the medical team or myself.

“Throughout the day patients may need interventions such as arterial or central line insertions, or bronchoscopies, all of which I am trained to do. Admissions or discharges occur frequently and require a full assessment and plan of care, including acute resuscitation and stabilisation.

“Communicating with and supporting both patients and their families through stressful episodes is also a large part of my role. I may also be called on to review patients currently on wards or in the Emergency Department with a view to providing a critical care medical opinion and liaising with critical care with a view to admission. My additional roles include teaching on certain courses, mentoring new ACCP trainees, as well as conducting specific critical care related projects.

“I enjoy working for the Trust due to the fact that it encompasses regional specialities such as major trauma, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, primary cardiac intervention, and liver and renal transplant teams, meaning that we can offer our patients care not available elsewhere.

“I feel privileged to be part of the small (but expanding) team of ACCPs and part of the wider Adult Critical Care team across the Trust who provide fantastic care for patients at their sickest and most vulnerable times.

“My interests outside of work are travelling, of which I never can do enough, gardening, interior design and DIY. The latter two are more necessities than hobbies after buying a 170 year-old house to renovate with my husband. Walking my dog helps to keep me healthy and outdoors in the lovely Yorkshire surroundings and I enjoy spending time with my family.”