The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Value Stream 4 - Opthalmology outpatients

Value Stream 4 is an exciting joint project now underway across the Outpatients and Head & Neck Clinical Service Units.

This project aims to improve the experience for ophthalmology patients and colleagues through improving processes and developing closer ways of working.

A Sponsorship Development Session took place in early December 2016 where there was some fantastic clinical and administrative engagement and real enthusiasm to improve processes for patients and make the best use of staff time and expertise. There was a great buzz about this opportunity for in-depth work to develop improvements to the patient pathway.

Five key areas for detailed improvement work were jointly identified and agreed as a result of the session. These areas will be looked at in turn. They are:

  • The initial nursing review
  • How we schedule our patients
  • How we set-up the clinic rooms
  • What the patient waiting experience is like
  • How we  can improve the environment.