The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Post Graduate Medical Education

Welcome to Medical Education Leeds

Medical Education Leeds delivers a wide range of high-quality education and training for healthcare professionals worldwide. We have a strong reputation for excellence and innovation with our blended and technology enhanced approach to learning.

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust hosts one of the largest medical education programmes in the country. We work collaboratively with the University of Leeds to deliver teaching and clinical placements to more than 1,300 medical students and physician associates.  Our postgraduate team supports the education and training of more than 950 trainee doctors, across a broad spectrum of clinical specialties.

What we do

At the heart of Medical Education Leeds is a commitment to quality and in particular to the delivery of a great experience for learners. We:

  • support a number of city-wide and regional postgraduate schools;
  • deliver a wide range of clinical skills and simulation courses in our training centres located at the Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s University Hospital – as well as in-situ simulation across our wards and departments;
  • deliver stimulating clinical placements for medical students from the University of Leeds as well as many from overseas;
  • provide library, study and evidence-search facilities in several of our hospitals;
  • collaborate with clinicians across the Trust to develop innovative ways to deliver education through technology;
  • engage trainee doctors through our Junior Doctor Forum and Junior Doctor Body, encourage participation in leadership and quality improvement through Leadership Fellowship and Chief Registrar programmes;
  • aim to improve the health and wellbeing of our trainees through our innovative Professional Support and Wellbeing Service, which looks after a range of rest facilities for trainees and provides confidential and safe one-to-one support when the need arises; and constantly strive to create a positive overall learning experience. We are committed to delivering medical education the Leeds Way, which is:
  • Patient Centred
  • Fair
  • Accountable
  • Collaborative
  • Empowered

Collaboration, in particular, is integral to Medical Education Leeds’ way of working, providing opportunities to learn from the some of the best healthcare professionals in the UK. All of our course and educational resources are devised in consultation with clinicians and trainees within our organisation, helping to shape and develop our training over time.