The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Leeds Cares supports Leeds Teaching Hospitals to provide exceptional healthcare. Our vision is the best possible health and wellbeing for everyone in Leeds, across Yorkshire and beyond.

The support of our valued donors helps develop new healthcare services, provide cutting edge equipment and specialist staff, support ground breaking research and innovation and enable health education and training.

Throughout history, philanthropy has inspired innovation in healthcare. As we live longer and benefit from new treatments and technologies our health services are under increasing pressure. We must think differently and work together to drive change ensuring the very best healthcare is available when our families need it.    

Our vision is to work in partnership to develop a new approach to giving, bringing people, communities, organisations and businesses together with our NHS to ensure everyone has access to exceptional healthcare.

From the heart of Yorkshire, we unite and inspire people to care for others in a new way and join a movement of people helping people, supporting healthcare for the modern world.    

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