The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Leeds Hospitals Charity is the dedicated charity for Leeds Teaching Hospitals. We’re here to support and make life easier for our NHS heroes, so they can deliver the best care.

The NHS is there for us whenever we need it. We’re lucky to have it, and we’re lucky to have excellent hospitals and the brilliant and committed staff who work in them.The teams working at Leeds Hospitals are important to many of us and our families. They’ve been there for us when we have needed them, from birth, through illness, even to end-of-life care.

Every day, our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers go above and beyond to make the experience of being in hospital better, for both patients and their anxious families.

But we all know the NHS is under constant pressure. Staff can be overstretched, stressed and tired, and facilities aren’t as great as they could be. All of these things make the incredible work of our NHS heroes even harder. That’s where you come in, by helping fund things that make all the difference, but that the NHS doesn’t provide. Leeds Hospitals Charity uses every penny donated to help provide equipment, facilities and extra support that both improves care for patients and families and relieves pressure on staff.

Show our amazing healthcare workers that you value them by donating to Leeds Hospitals Charity. They can’t do their best for us, without your support.

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