The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Recovering from coronavirus

Leeds Covid After-Care Team

The city’s specialist ‘Covid After-Care team’ began work in September, and support patients in Leeds with their recovery from Covid-19. The team can be accessed through a referral from your GP.

The team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians and those who specialise in respiratory or neurology.

Dr Stephen Halpin, consultant in rehabilitation medicine with Rachel Tarrant, Covid rehabilitation pathway co-ordinator. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe

There are also lots of resources online to support your recovery from Covid-19.

Your COVID recovery website has a wide range of resources to help you understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery from coronavirus.

In addition, our team and colleagues at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust have developed the following leaflets for patients:

Although we are all experiencing similar feelings, we are also different people and our direct experience of COVID-19 will also be different. Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service also has a range of therapies and support to help you to manage.


Convalescent plasma could be a life-saving treatment for COVID-19

If you have had COVID-19 you could potentially help other patients fight it by donating your blood plasma.

People can only donate 28 days after they’ve recovered, so the number of potential donors is now at the highest ever level following the national record number of cases over the New Year.

NHSBT are currently looking at how the antibodies from blood plasma could support high risk groups such as the elderly and people with cancer who could struggle to develop their own immune response to the virus.

Donations are vital to this ongoing lifesaving research, which gives us a better understanding of how we can best treat patients with COVID-19 and help prevent deaths in the future.

If you are male and have received hospital care you are around six times more likely to have the high antibody levels which might save lives.

Anyone who has had COVID-19 can offer to donate by calling 0300 123 23 23 or completing the online form at

To make a donation is painless taking about 45 minutes and donation centres are located within easy reach based at Leeds Bridlepath, Seacroft, LS15 7TN or  Leeds City Centre, 117 The Headrow, Leeds LS1 5JW.