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The information on this page has been updated and is now located on the new LTHT staff intranet which can be accessed by logging in with your NHS Mail email address.

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PPE guidelines


Clinical guidelines - for internal use only


COVID-19 patient care (internal use only)




Respiratory guidelines

Palliative care


Estates and Facilities



Patients on Warfarin


Specialty guides for patient management

NICE Guidance

NICE have published the following rapid guidelines in response to COVID-19 relating to:

We have produced a summary of the guidance outlining key recommendations, which are attached for easy reference. Please can you consider this in relation to service delivery in these specified areas.

Please note the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) score is a key determining factor in the provision of critical care and assessment must be completed when adult patients are admitted to hospital, irrespective of age and COVID-19 status. Please refer to the critical care algorithm.

Details of the full guidance can be found on the NICE website.

Paper based health records

Provision of paper-based health records for medical specialties - more info here

Alert notice

Scope handle issue - 16/06/2020