The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Reporting and reviewing incidents

It is important to keep reporting patient safety incidents on Datix during this period and we encourage you all to do this. Our risk management team have looked at ways to support front line clinical teams differently at this time to ensure incidents that are reported are dealt with in a timely manner. With immediate effect the following support will be provided by Risk Management:

• All incidents reported will be triaged the day after they have been reported on Datix (Monday-Friday).

• Any incident where there is not enough information included to make a decision on whether further investigation is needed, or where it is clear that further investigation is needed, Datix will be updated with a status of "being reviewed".

• Incidents where the mitigating action was taken by the team at the time it occurred will be signed off as "incident reviewed and approved".

• Incidents reported where the harm is recorded as "moderate", "severe" or "catastrophic/death" will continue to receive further scrutiny from the Risk Management team

• CSU Tri Teams will be sent a weekly summary report by e-mail of all incidents reported for their CSU to enable them to have oversight. 

• All staff will continue to receive notification emails when an incident has been assigned to them to enable them to respond quickly to any incidents which may need immediate investigation or action by the clinical team.

• Produce the follow-up letter following the investigation of moderate harm & above incidents (Duty of Candour letter 2)

The Risk Management Team will also be looking at older incidents which have not been reviewed or signed off to help alleviate some of the backlog that may be created by the current service pressures. These arrangements will be regularly reviewed in light of any changes to operational provision within the Risk Management Department.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact or contact Julie Macdonald (Incidents & Learning Manager) on ext 65985