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Facemask guidance

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This page was last updated on 16/06/2020.

The government has announced that all staff in hospitals in England will be provided with facemasks which they will be expected to wear from 15 June.

General FAQs

How do I order facemasks for my team?

Each Department has provided details for the delivery of masks and an individual has been identified to co-ordinate the distribution and will communicate with staff in that area.

Which bin do the surgical face masks go in? Clinical waste or domestic waste?

  • In Clinical areas with COVID19 positive patients: As now, dispose of the face mask in Infectious (Orange bags.)
  • In Clinical areas with non-COVID19 patients: Face masks should be disposed of in the Offensive waste (Yellow and black or “Tiger” bags.)
  • Public entrances and exits: Face masks should be disposed of in the Offensive waste (Yellow & black or “Tiger” bags). Additional bins will be provided.
  • Non-COVID19 staff areas and other communal areas (e.g. Admin): Face masks can be disposed of in the domestic waste stream (Black bags.)
If you have any non-urgent questions about this, please submit them via our online form. We will share further FAQS in the bulletin.