The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Feedback to support staff who take on temporary assignments

We’ve received some invaluable feedback from staff who moved from their substantive roles during the first covid surge and instead were able to lend their invaluable skills to other teams through a temporary assignment.

We have pulled together the following guidance to support managers and staff with colleagues who take on a temporary assignment:

My temporary assignment worked well when…..

  1. I had a discussion with my new manager in the CSU I was moving to who helped me fully understand my new role/duties.
  2. My new manager listened to my personal circumstances, how this impacted on my flexibility and we worked together on how I could help my new colleagues in a way that was supportive of my circumstances.
  3. The team I was moving to were advised in advance of my arrival; why I was there; what I would be doing and where I normally work/my substantive role.
  4. I was introduced to the team at the point I started and was given a warm welcome.
  5. I was shown around by someone in the team and shown where everything was.
  6. I was allocated a buddy from the team whom I could go to and ‘ask stupid questions’ - this helped me understand things quickly
  7. My new team members kept checking in with me and helped me to feel included.
  8. My new team members explained elements of their role to me, included me in resolving issues that they were dealing with and made me feel my input was valued and appreciated.
  9. I agreed regular contact with my substantive line manager so I didn’t feel like I had been ‘forgotten’.
  10. My line manager for my temporary assignment booked in regular review meetings with me to check on my progress and to discuss any concerns that I had.