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Car parking [updated 06/01/2021]

Parking for staff

Car parking for staff will remain free of charge across sites for the time being. The Trust is committed to helping staff with car parking and monitoring shows us that on most days there is some capacity at St James's Hospital in the Dolly Lane/Benfield Ford Car Park.  These arrangements are reviewed on a weekly basis with our third party partners. Please consider alternative transport options as we continue to review these temporary arrangements. 

Please contact if you have any questions.

Parking for patients and visitors

From 12 October 2020, we have reintroduced advertised parking charges on all car parks for patients and visitors. This is in line with national guidance. 

Blue badge parking

We are committed to ensuring that disabled parking (Blue badge) spaces and concessionary spaces are used appropriately. 

We'd like to remind people not to park in these spaces unless they hold a blue badge or appropriate concession - these spaces will be monitored regularly by the car parking team. 

Parking etiquette

We know that parking is a challenge across some of our sites and you may find yourself unable to park in a designated space. However, please be considerate of wheelchair users and families with pushchairs by not parking on the pavement or kerbside.

There has been a number of examples where disabled staff and patients have been prevented from moving around site easily due to parking congestion in pedestrian areas. 

The car parking team continues to try to offer a fair and measured response to the management of car parking. This has been a huge and complex task and has brought many challenges, as well as opportunities to review our current protocols.   Thank you for your cooperation. 

For off site free car parking, please visit free NHS parking website

Groceries and retail [updated 06/01/2021]

Chapel Allerton Restaurant update

Find out more about the Chapel Allerton Restaurant update

Vending machines

Three “Food to Go” vending machines have been installed in our hospitals. They are located in

  1. Gledhow Wing – next to the main bank of Vending Machines
  2. Jubilee Wing main entrance
  3. Clarendon Wing main entrance

Shuttle buses [updated 06/01/2021]

Click here to download the staff shuttle bus timetable

Staff can use the main shuttle services as an alternate means of transport for onward travel arrangements.

There is currently no Benfield Ford shuttle bus service. If you usually use these services, the car parking team will be able to suggest alternative arrangements.

Please note that the following measures will continue to be implemented on the staff shuttle services:

  • The main site shuttle bus will be limited to 15 passengers max and the 17 set vehicles to 4 passengers max. 
  • We would ask that you leave a row of empty seat between yourself and the next passenger. 
  • Staff should sit in the window seat, to further space themselves from those travelling. 
  • We’d ask that you exit the vehicle one at time. 
  • When queuing for the bus, also observe distancing measures and allow staff enough space to exit. 
  • Please board the vehicle one at time and give the person in front enough time to take up their seat. 
  • Passengers should take the rear most seats first, working towards the front of the bus.

Taxis [updated 06/01/2021]

Will the Trust pay for taxis to get staff to and from work if it is not possible for staff to get to/from work due to reduced public transport?

Where the member of staff normally travels to work via public transport and there is an operational need for the member of staff to attend site, managers do have discretion to approve the re-imbursement of taxis. It is reasonable for managers to ask staff to consider alternative methods of travel, for example walking and cycling, taking into account the employees personal circumstances and the time of day they will be travelling. 

Managers should also consider whether a temporary change to start and finish times if this is operationally practicable and would assist the employee with their journey to work.  Members of staff travelling by taxi should take measures to prevent virus transmission and should claim reimbursement using the online expenses system in the normal way.

Travelling to and from work [updated 06/01/2021]

You can download and print a Letter for Key Workers. This letter confirms you are an employee or contractor of the Trust and is a key worker who is critical to the COVID-19 response. You will need to have the letter signed by your line manager and should present your Trust ID badge along with your letter if challenged by a local authority.

Download the letter here. 

Metrocards [updated 06/01/2021]

Metro have confirmed that any UNUSED FULL weeks will be added at the end of the Metrocard.  In the meantime anyone with a Metrocard will still have deductions being made via salary. 

If you have any questions please email:


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