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Dozens of changes have been made as a result of the feedback from the Staff Survey; some small, some more fundamental to the way we do things across the Trust, but all equally important.

Some of the changes we are making together as a result of the 2020 Staff Survey feedback include:

•             Staff Rest Areas: We are continuing to refurbish staff rest areas; another 10 are currently being refurbished, and we are working together with Leeds Hospitals Charity to continue this into next year.

•             Bullying, harassment and violence: It was highlighted that not all experiences at LTHT are positive ones, and that this is a particular area for improvement. A Wayfinder conversation was started to understand this more. We now have an Advisory Group, consisting of more than 50 volunteers from across the Trust, to help us shape the improvement ideas suggested within the Wayfinder.

•             Sustainable Travel: the new strategy has been developed and will launch over the next few months, starting with LiftShare; an easy way to share journeys with fellow colleagues, and support car parking capacity.

•             Remote Working: LTHT will advocate and empower remote working going forward, and have started to pilot remote working departments with truly flexible on-site spaces, which will be rolled out Trust wide.

•             Personalised People Management: we have started to re-fresh and re-write our HR policies and procedures to support our line managers and supervisors to take a personalised approach to management. This will now form the core of all of our leadership and management training and development. We have also added a new question to this year’s staff survey to see how we can better support our managers, to in turn support other staff, moving forward.  

These are just some of the fantastic initiatives that have made a big difference to staff wellbeing, working lives and professional development.

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