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Please Continue to Gain FFT Feedback

It is more important than ever that we continue to receive FFT feedback during this pandemic as it lets us know what we are doing so well, but also lets us know what we can do better. 

Due to a higher risk of transmitting infection, the use of feedback cards should be avoided but please encourage your patients / friends / relatives to complete FFT electronically (ward iPads / QR Codes on cards and posters). Feedback can be given at any time not just at discharge.

FFT text messaging will also continue in those clinical areas that already have this in place.

If you have any queries please contact the FFT team:

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Visitors Comfort Care Packs available

Comfort Care Packs are gift bags of items that we can give to relatives and friends of dying patients that will enable them to stay at the bedside of their loved ones when they are needed the most. Following feedback from the Bereaved Carers' Survey in 2018, it was highlighted that although we give excellent care to our patients, we could do more to care for relatives and friends of dying patients. The packs contain items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, non-slip socks, toiletries etc. We hope that this small gesture will show them how much we care at one of the hardest times of their lives.

Comfort Care Packs have been available for some time through the Palliative Care Team, but in order to enable access 24/7 they are now being stored in central locations throughout the Trust.

  • Ward staff need to go to the storage areas and collect packs as and when they need them. A ward may take more than one IF THEY REGULARLY CARE FOR END OF LIFE PATIENTS. However, please be mindful that we need to make stocks last as they are only delivered every three months.
  • You MUST sign the number of packs out when collecting them, there is a monitoring sheet provided in the storage area.
  • Explain what the pack is for when you give it, and if appropriate give it with and talk them through the "Supporting care in the last hours or days of life" leaflet.

This project is being supported by Leeds Cares, in order to secure further funding we have to be sure that it's making a positive impact. It is vital, therefore, to collect feedback wherever possible. We know that at the time of losing someone it may be inappropriate to ask recipients to complete the feedback form provided in the bag, but every comment counts. 

Please email with any comments regarding the packs, even if you are just passing on verbal comments from people who have received one. Ensuring that we place people's needs at the heart of this project will really help us carry on.

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Covid Comfort Packs while visiting is suspended

In addition to the Comfort Care Packs available for relatives and friends of dying patients, a new Covid Comfort Pack is available to patients who may have very few essentials with them during their hospital stay. With support from Leeds Cares, The Trust has obtained 500 of these packs to support patients in need of basic toiletries and other useful items. The packs will be available in the same allocated storage areas as the regular Comfort Care Packs.

The packs will described as ‘Covid Comfort Packs’ and are labelled for male or female patients. As there are a limited supply of packs, please only take these for patients in need of this support. Contents of the packs are listed below:

Female Male
Shampoo & Conditioner Shampoo & Conditioner
Bath & Shower Gel Bath & shower gel
Hand & Body lotion Individual face/hand wipes
Individual face/hand wipes Comb
Comb Grip socks
Grip Socks Pocket size tissues
Pocket size tissues Shaving foam
50ml roll on deodorant White face cloth
White face cloth Dental kit
Dental kit Eye mask
Eye mask Ear plugs
Ear plugs  
Hair bobble  

The process for obtaining a Comfort Care Pack for relatives and friends of dying patients remains the same.

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