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Protecting vulnerable staff

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These risk assessments have been designed to support colleagues to identify any specific vulnerabilities they may have and for staff and managers to agree together the most reasonable and practical steps to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Risk assessments should consider the workplace, workforce and the individual. It is not possible to avoid all risk and the aim of the risk assessment is to avoid unacceptably high risk activities and to bring down risk in other areas as far as is reasonably practicable. Most people in the risk categories will be able to continue working.

Risk assessments should be completed by the staff member with their line manager. If the member of staff would prefer, a risk assessment may be completed with a member of the HR team, however support will be needed from the line manager to ensure appropriate control measures are put in place.

Should you require further advice or guidance once completed, please contact the Occupational Health team.

Risk Assessments for Vulnerable Staff

Download individual risk assessment [03/03/2022]

Risk assessment and Risk management - Covid-19 occupational exposures

Download Risk assessment and Risk management - Covid-19 occupational exposures document [30/09/2020]

Guidance and assessment for pregnant staff

Download guidance and assessment for pregnant staff document [03/03/2022]

Guidance for staff with diabetes

Under review.

Guidance for staff with asthma

Under review.

Useful links for underlying health conditions and Covid

Download useful links for underlying health conditions and Covid [08/12/2021]

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable staff returning to work on hospital sites

Clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) staff are able to hospital sites from 21 March 2021 when national shielding guidance was been lifted, the documents below should be used to manage any changes to working arrangements. All CEV staff should complete the “Working arrangements” form with their line manager before they commence working on a hospital site.


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