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What to expect

What to expect

If you are coming to Elland Road Vaccination Centre for a COVID-19 you can expect the same high level of care as you would receive VaccProcessfrom any NHS service. 

We are committed to providing the high quality, patient centred services.  

1: On arrival you will be asked to confirm that you have an appointment booked. Only you will be permitted to enter the building so please tell the booking clerk in at the time of making your appointment if you need assistance from a carer, family member or friend (e.g. due to a disability).

2: Please use the hand gel to clean your hands before going any further.

3: A marshal will ask you to join a queue for the Check-in Desk. We have several ‘lanes’ and you will be directed to the next available slot and asked to stand on the dot until it is your turn.

4: When it is your turn, you can approach the check-in desk and the clerk will sign you in. A marshal will then direct you to stand in line for the Consenting Desk. Once a space becomes available, you will be directed to the Desk.

5: At the Consenting Desk you will be asked to fill out a form which asks for your name, date of birth, address, doctors details, and details of your medical history including any medicines you are currently taking. There will be members of staff on hand to help you and to talk through your medical history if necessary.

6: Once this stage is complete, a marshal will show you to a Vaccination Station where you will meet a vaccinator to have your jab. They will review your consent form with you and check you are happy to proceed before giving the injection.

7: After you have received the injection you will be free to leave and will be shown how to get back out of the building.*

*If you are receiving the Pfizer vaccine at Thackray Medical Museum you will be asked to wait for 15 minutes after your vaccine just to ensure you don't experience any side effects such as drowsiness. 

The whole process takes roughly 20 minutes at Elland Road and 35 minutes at Thackray. 

 You can watch a video of the process here: COVID-19 Vaccination Journey